No.163, September 1999


Hugh Jones - Unit 2, 10 Theed Street, London SE1 8ST, UK
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AIMS: Website:

Presidents Emeritus:
Will Cloney (Boston); Chris Brasher (London)

Hiroaki Chosa (Fukuoka)
Tel: +81 3 5452 1500 Fax: +81 3 5452 1795

Founder members:
Fred Lebow, Andy Galloway, Kathrine Switzer, Allan Steinfeld,
David Benson, Don Basham, Serge Arsenault, Vince Regan, Hajime Yuki

Domingo Amaison (Buenos Aires Half Marathon)
Tel: +54 1 782 8678 Fax: +54 1 784 8354 e-mail:

Leonard F Luchner (Boston)
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Al Boka (Las Vegas, Internet)
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Members of the Board:
Wim Verhoorn (Twente, Marketing)
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Dejan Nikolic (Belgrade)
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Allan Steinfeld (New York, Legal)
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Gordon Rogers (Vancouver, Technical)
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Alan Storey (London, Distance Running)
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Jim Moberly (Honolulu, TV Production)
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Peter McLean (Press & Public Relations)
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Dr David Martin (Stats)
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Ahmed A Shariff (Mt.Meru, Africa Rep.)
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Francisco Borao (Valencia, Membership)
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Distance Running

Publisher: Frank Baillie - 14 Elliot Place, Finnieston, Glasgow G3 8EP, Scotland
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International Measurement Administrators:

Americas: Pete Riegel,
e-mail: Fax: +1 614 451 5610

English-speaking Europe & Africa: John Disley,
Fax: +44 181 941 1867

French & Spanish-sp. Eur & Afr: J-F Delasalle,
e-mail: Fax: +33 3 22 48 20 10

Asia/Oceania: Dave Cundy,
e-mail: Fax: +61 2 43 42 76 11


International Marathon Medical Directors' Association

Secretary: Dr. Andres Rodriguez, 32 Prospect Park West, Brooklyn, NY11215, USA
Tel/fax: +1 718 638 3311



After the disastrous earthquake in Turkey last month AIMS received the following message from the Istanbul Eurasia Marathon organiser, Mehmet Atalay:

"We received your kind letter of condolence and thank you for your interest in our event. It is our heartfelt wish that nowhere in the world suffers such an earthquake. All revenue from the Intercontinental Istanbul Eurasia Marathon will be donated to survivors of the earthquake in Turkey."

 AIMS public relations manager for Turkey, Osman Tekin, further wrote:

The earthquake occurred over a very large area, in seven cities, leaving 20,000 dead, 50,000 injured and 200,000 homeless. The disabled marathon runner Yavuz Sap and his family - and my family - are alive and there is no damage in our homes, just great sadness in our hearts. Among our marathoners there are dead and injured. Mr Safter Kartoglu (72), who ran in London, Stockholm, Vienna and Eurasia Marathons, died in Adapazari. Mr Ali Turan (37) was injured and lost his home in Adapazari.

 Members of AIMS gather in Kosice very soon for the 12th World Congress on October 1-2. Included with this Newsletter is a sheet repeating some basic information and the final version of the programme, which includes some late changes to the day of workshops. There was some difficulty engaging appropriate speakers on the Internet and media management, so this workshop has been dropped and the time filled with a couple of breaks - which will allow additional time for informal discussion. There will now be four workshops: marketing and sponsorship; ecomonic impact of road races; expansion of women's participation in road races; and technical, focussing on course measurement and timing.

 Alina Hernandez of ISL will be the keynote speaker and provide insight into how events can approach, recruit and service sponsors. The Berlin Marathon organisers will present the findings of an independent study of the economic impact of their event on the local economy. In the afternoon session Thomas Enstrom of the Stockholm Marathon organisation will try to explain how they get 30,000 women to run their Tjejmilen event each year. Sarolta Monspart will comment on the rapid expansion of women's running in Hungary. The final workshop will be a technical forum, with particular attention to AIMS' policy of course measurement for all members, and an opportunity for members to share their particular experiences on all questions of organisation.

Hugh Jones



Nagano Olympic Commemorative Marathon (JPN)
Hidetoshi Kinbara
1-3-8 Hakoshimizu, Nagano City, 380-0801, JAPAN

Tel: +81 26 234 6380     Fax: +81 26 234 6381


This year's race was held on April 18, and 4300 took part, including 500 women. The winners were Jackson Kabiga (KEN) in 2:13:26 and Valentina Yegorova (RUS) in 2:28:41. There were 39 foreign entrants from 26 countries. The measurement has been done by a method used by the JAAF employing taping rather than the more widely used calibrated bicycle measurement.


Gran Maraton Pacifico (MEX)
Hanna Woloski
Campos Elisios 400-12, Llamas de Chapultepec
Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico
Tel: +525 280 7068     Fax: +525 280 1716



Marathon des Chateaux du Medoc (FRA)
Hubert Rocher
Maison du Vin, 33250 Pauillac, FRANCE
Tel: +33 5 56 59 17 20    Fax: +33 5 56 59 62 38


AIMS welcomes a second French member, and one about which we have received many enquiries at AIMS race expo booths. This is the famous 'wine' marathon, where drink stations on the course include the renowned wines of the region.




Dubai Marathon (UAE)
Peter Connerton
Dubai Marathon Office, PO Box 14848, Dubai UAE
Tel: +9 714 369 321    Fax:+ 9 714 369 753


 The race also features a 10km and a 3km children's race. See "Technicalities




  • Organizers of the Mondsee Half Marathon, the biggest in Austria, enquired about membership: "Just tell us what to do or what you need and how much it costs."
  • Alan Nuttall, Managing Director of the Kuala Lumpur International Marathon, writes: KOAM enterprises is a private company which has been asked by the Malaysian Amateur Athletic Association (MAAU) to operate as its commercial arm and to establish the Kuala Lumpur Marathon as an international event. With this in mind we seek approvals and guidance you may be able to offer
  • Mario Ortegon writes: For 12 years we have been organizing the 15km road race Carrera Atletica Internacional Rescate de la Frontera in Tumaco, Colombia. It attracts more than 500 runners and is broadcast on national TV and radio. We are interested to include the race within AIMS and be a permanent member. 


CHANGES OF DETAILS                           LATE DATE CHANGE

  • Milan Oreskovic writes: The Croatian Football Association have announced the European Championship qualifying game between Yugoslavia and Croatia for 10 October, the same date for which the Zagreb Marathon was scheduled. The Police told us that they cannot provide the necessary security measures for both events on the same day, and asked us to postpone until the 17 October 1999.
    This is what we have had to do. We will inform all runners who have contacted us up until now.

    Tel: +385 1 3650 543 Fax: +385 1 3091 119

    The Moscow International Peace Marathon has new email and website addresses:

    The Rotterdam Marathon has become the Fortis Rotterdam Marathon. The race date, omitted from Distance Running by mischance, will be 16 April 2000


AIMS Treasurer Al Boka writes: I am about to purchase a machine which will allow AIMS to process credit cards for payment of dues and other billings. We will accept VISA and MasterCard. The effect is that AIMS will finally receive the entire fee due from members who now use wire transfers - for which there is a significant cost to us. For 1999 dues the total received is US$101,523.30 from a total of US$102,650.00 had we received the full amount due. The difference is US$1,126.70. This is the case each year. The machine will cost US$972.50. If only half of those members who now pay by wire transfer pay with credit cards then the machine will pay for itself in the second year of use. I will amend the payment invoice to reflect this change.



Barbara Lansun writes: The past four years of organizing the Moorea Blue Marathon have been very challenging due to Tahiti politics and financial nightmares. I had to decide whether to continue under such poor circumstances or move on. I chose to move on and came up to Honolulu to help TEAM Unlimited, a sports marketing and TV production company. The project was to expand Oceanfest, the World Lifeguard Championships. I stayed on to fill the position of marketing manager. The event I'll be working on next is the Xterra Championships in Maui. It is an off-road triathlon. I can be contacted on:
Tel: +1 808 528 2181 (home) or email:

I have heard that the people from the Rock and Roll Marathon in San Diego, California will be promoting a new race in Tahiti. I wish them luck.



Dave Cundy writes: The Celebrating Sport 2000 Marathon organized by SOCOG and Athletics Australia will be held on 30 April 2000 at 7am over the Sydney 2000 Olympic marathon course. It will be the only race outside of the Olympic and Paralympic marathons held on ths course and will be open to all runners subject to a five-hour time limit. Forms will be available from 1 Nov 1999 and entries will be accepted from 1 December 1999 to 29 February 2000. There will be up to 150 runners competing 'in Olympic mode', with a preferred start and all arrangements in place that will be available for the Olympic competitors. The qualification will be under 2:30 for Australian men and under 3 hours for Australian women. International invitees will also be included.
For further details contact Dave Cundy on: Tel: +61 2 9297 2705, Fax: +61 2 9297 3737
Note: The 25th New Balance Canberra Marathon will be held on 8 April 2001 - no event this year 



The AIMS affiliate, the International Marathon Medical Directors' Association will hold their 33rd meeting and AGM on Saturday 6 November 1999 in the Sheraton Towers Hotel, New York.
Dr Johan Stranghelle (NOR) and his patient Keitel Moe will repeat the presentation they made to the last meeting of IMMDA in Stockholm. Moe is a 32-year old male who has suffered from cystic fibrosis since childhood. He received a bilateral lung transplant in July 1997 and 16 months later completed the 1998 New York City Marathon. There was great interest in this case history. Poor attendance at IMMDA's spring meetings will be item for discussion at the AGM. 



The 1999 BMW Auckland Marathon takes place on 24 October 1999 writes race director David Ligoff. We have a sports expo in association with the event, with all anticipated 2,500 athletes having to pass through the expo to register. We would like to offer AIMS members the opportunity to promote their events at the expo. All they need to do is send posters, race entry forms, etc. to us at:
The BMW Auckland Marathon, PO Box 68615, Newton, Auckland NZ
Or deliver to: 50 Edmond Street, St Heliers, Auckland, NZ 

The New York City Marathon is on 7 November this year, and the expo runs for the few days preceding it. If you have race material for distribution at the New York expo, send this to:
NYRRC, 1351 Bay Ave, Bronx NY10474, USA
Boxes or packages should be clearly marked: "FOR AIMS BOOTH AT EXPO"



Staffan Sahlstrom, of International Doping Tests and Management, writes: Sports organisations are entrusting an increasing part of their sensitive doping controls to independent specialists. The Pan-American Games, where seven athletes failed doping tests, is one of several examples. This year's Pan-Arabic Games, the ninth since inception in 1953, have appointed International Doping Tests and Management (IDTM). Over 4,000 athletes from all Arabic countries except Kuwait contest 29 sports.
All international federations doing unannounced out-of-competition testing are working with IDTM which has doping control officers in 75 countries. They have performed 4000 tests during 1999. The Doping Control staff in Jordan for the Pan-Arab Games were trained by the Medical Director of the IOC, Mr Patrik Schanasch. IOC-accredited laboratories in Europe will analyse the samples.
IDTM has had a US office since 1993 and recently started a joint venture in the USA with the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport. The organisation, called the American Drug Testing Service, is bidding for the three-year doping control contract put on the market by the USOC.



This is the subject of one of the workshop sessions to be held at the AIMS Congress in Kosice. The Berlin Marathon organisers will present material from an independent study. Other races have also had such studies done on the impact of their events. The Lasalle Banks Chicago Marathon recently sent out a press release on just this subject:
" The Chicago Marathon has regained its position as one of North America's largest marathons - currently ranked third. Combined with the explosive growth of the Marathon's other race-weekend offerings the running and fitness festival has become a preferred destination not just nationally but internationally.
"According to the Regional Economic Application Laboratory (REAL) the economic impact of the 1998 Lasalle Banks Chicago Marathon and its race weekend events was US$58.2 million, twice the 1996 figure of $29.6m (up 97%). Coinciding with the 3-day Columbus weekend the event posted a 35% increase from $43.1m in 1997.
" 'The Marathon showcases the City of Chicago', explains Mayor Richard M Daly. 'We are very pleased with the economic strength of this wonderful event and the tourism it generates'.
" 'Tremendous participant growth has helped increase the event's economic impact but participants are also staying longer, boosting hotel and retail spending', adds Geoffrey Hewings, project director for REAL, the Urbana-based joint venture between the University of Illinois and the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. 'The Marathon has become an important event in the Chicago Region's tourism strategy.' "

The range of sponsors which can be attracted to such a successful event are listed: Volkswagen (USA) supplies lead vehicles and a VW Beetle to any runner breaking the world record; Humana stages the expo, now approaching 200 exhibitors and attracting 65,000 attendance; the Hilton is race HQ and offers $5000 in prize money for locals. American Airlines has extended its sponsorship to become title sponsor of the Saturday morning fun run; Nextel supplies 200 phones for use on race day. Bally, Dominick's, Ernst&Young, Gatorade, Sparkling Spring and New Balance are official sponsors. Supporting sponsors include Boston Beer, Power Bar, and the Hard Rock Cafe.
Media partners are an essential part of the equation. Fox Sportsnet Chicago will "offer the race nationally from 07.30 to 10.00 to 22 affiliates and potential viewership in 68million homes". WBBM-AM radio will provide live coverage for the 22nd edition. The Chicago Tribune prints promotional ads and the Monday results supplement. Tribune Interactive hosts the website.


Kathrine Switzer writes: A few years ago Linda McKeldin was bedridden with a bad back and disabetes. In the last 18 months she has lost 12.5kg, cured her back and reduced dependence on medication. Five Years ago elite runner Jody Hawkins lost her race sponsors when she became pregnant with her first child. Today she is back again as one of America's best runners.
How did these women turn their lives around? Through hard work, sacrifice and the Avon Running Global Women's Circuit, now in its second year. In 11 US cities and 12 countries around the world thousands of women like Linda and Jody are lacing up their shoes to run or walk. Each Avon event features a 10km run and a 5km walk/fun run for women of every age and fitness level.
It is about prevention and good health. Through the circuit, Linda took control of her health and fitness. "The program gave me back my life" she said. Regular runnning and walking can reduce cardiovascular disease, the biggest killer of women, as well as diabetes and other diseases.
Avon Running helps women throughout the world realise their individual potential. "It gave me a shot to be taken seriously as a runner again" said Jody Hawkins, after she won the Dallas race and went on to win the US National Championship last November in Chicago.
Running provides a time-efficient, cost-effective, and easily-accessible exercise for today's busy women. Many runners in the Avon program have taken advantage of the 6-12 week training clinics that get them off the sofa and to the fitness startline: 70,000 women have taken part in Avon Running events so far, and 40% of them are beginners.
- 7 -
The Avon Global Championship was held in May in New York's Central Park. Champions came from every Avon national race around the world. On October 31, 1999 thesecond Avon Running US National Championship will take place in Cincinnati.The winners will go on to join international counterparts at the second Avon Running Global Championship in Milan on May 21, 2000
For further information call Aldina Tracey at +1 212 282 7104



Few formalities are associated with AIMS membership. That of overwhelming significance in AIMS' early years, and a formative influence on the foundation of the organization, was the method of measuring and certifying a course. This is still the most significant of AIMS' requirements, and one which AIMS Technical Chairman Gordon Rogers pursues with vigour - as many members will know.
Some members join and concern themselves with the measurement when Gordon gets on their trail. Others have the course signed, sealed and delivered before applying. The Dubai Marathon (see cover) is very much in the second camp. AIMS/IAAF course measurer Paul Hodgson wrote: "I have sent a photocopy of the application for AIMS membership. Race director Peter Connerton is arranging a bank transfer of the registration fee. I attach a route map for information. I measured last year's event and any changes to the route will be minimal. I will pass on any further measurement documentation to Asia/Oceania Measurement Administrator Dave Cundy."
If the administrative details sound alien to you, the technical workshop at Congress will explain all. 



The 12th World Congress of AIMS will be held in Kosice, Slovakia on 1-2 October 1999. Anyone who has not booked may find that it is now too late to do so, but in case of interest please contact the organizers immediately:
Marathon Club, Pri jazdiarni 1, PO Box F-24, 043-04 Kosice, Slovakia
Tel: +421 95 622 Fax: +421 95 622 4158


Sue Richardson, AIMS members' main IAAF contact who regularly attends AIMS meetings, Is much recovered from the surgery reported in the last newsletter. She is back at work and plans to be present at the AIMS Congress in Kosice





The 17th edition of the marathon attracted 12,000 runners. There was great competition beween the Kenyan and Mexican runners in the men's race. There was a new route used, but in the Women's race the distance run was 44.445km
1	Eliud KEIRING				KEN		2:17:55
2	Jesus Reyes PAREDES			MEX		2:18:25
3	Ramon Aguilar HERNNDEZ			MEX		2:19:44
4	Eidel Hernandez PACHECO			MEX		2:19:45
5	Elias CHEBET				KEN		2:19:45
6	Samuel Lopez ESCORCIA			MEX		2:20:52
7	Eliseo Garcia CRISOSTOMO		MEX		2:21:32
8	Juan Martinez FIGUEROA			MEX		2:22:01
9	Guimercindo Olmedo GARCIA 		MEX		2:22:28
10	Juan Martinez GARCIA			MEX		2:22:32

1	Maria Elena Reyna DIAZ 			MEX		2:55:25
2	Maria del Carmen Diaz MANCILLA		MEX		2:56:56
3	Margarita Cabello SOBIA			MEX		2:57:34
4	Martha Duran FERRUSCA			MEX		2:58:52
5	Emma Cabrera PALAFOX 			MEX		3:00:49
6	Guadalupe Loma CRUZ			MEX		3:03:57
7	Blanca Lopez MALVAEZ			MEX		3:06:25
8	Carolina Merlo FERNANDEZ		MEX		3:07:55
9	Blanca Juarez ROMERO			MEX		3:10:55
10	Claudia E Juarez CAPILLA		MEX		3:15:01


No women's results were received. Ryan walked after 20 miles and looked half dead when he came to the finish in the slowest ever winning time by over 15 minutes. The weather was cold and miserable. Dave and Toby started out okay but got into conversation after 10km and slowed considerably as they chatted. At 20km Toby pushed, and ran 2:47 for the next kilometre, leaving Dave behind.

1	Ryan BOARD				USA		2:48:12
2	Manu KAUPPILA				FIN		2:48:46
3	Gudmund ELFSSON				ISL		2:48:50

1	Toby TANSER				GBR		1:12:05
2	Dave BUZZA				GBR		1:12:39
3	Sveinn ERNSTSSON			ISL		1:15:03 

No.163, September 1999