No.165, November 1999

Above: "The times they are a-changing." Khalid Kannouchi (MAR, not pictured) set a new world fastest time in the Lasalle Banks Chicago Marathon on October 24. Two days before, AIMS Marketing Director Wim Verhoorn (right) had presented the AIMS/ASICS 'Golden Shoe' award to Ronaldo Da Costa (BRA) for his performances during 1998, including the previous world fastest time of 2:06:05 in Berlin.


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International Marathon Medical Directors' Association

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Primo Nebiolo, the President of the IAAF since 1981, died on November 7 at the age of 76. An obituary will appear in the forthcoming issue of Distance Running (Jan-July 2000).

Another month goes by and another world fastest time is run. Khalid Kannouchi's 2:05:42 in Chicago on 24 October lowered the world fastest time for the marathon by 23 seconds (results, pp.11/12). The previous holder, Ronaldo Da Costa was also in Chicago and was presented with the AIMS/ASICS Athlete of the Year Award for 1998 (see cover & p.7). A few minutes behind Kannouchi in Chicago some tricky business was detected (p.6). Offenders elsewhere are also listed (p.7) alongside IAAF bans.
Members continue to join (see below) but we are sorry to lose the Vardinogiannios Marathon (GRE) due to the withdrawal of sponsorship (p.5). It is particularly pleasing to learn that the somber report in the September Newsletter, concerning a runner victim of the Turkish earthquake, was mistaken - and Safter Kartoglu lives on (p.5).

Hugh Jones


Reebok Celebrating Sport 2000 Marathon (AUS)
Dave Cundy, SOCOG
GPO Box 2000, Sydney, NSW 2000, AUSTRALIA

Tel: +61 2 9297 2705 Fax: +61 2 9297 3737


This will be a one-off event, a popular marathon over the Olympic course - or as near to the Olympic course as continuing construction may permit. It will incorporate a 'dress rehearsal' for the Olympic Marathon by including up to 150 elite competitors who will be treated as if they are the Olympic field.



  • Anita Yiu, of the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon, writes: "Following the successful organisation and presentation of the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon in 1999, the Hong Kong Amateur Athletic Association, with support from government departments, will organise the next event on 20 February 2000. Invitations have been sent to over 50 national federations and we expect a total of 10,000 runners to take part. We would [like to] put this event into the AIMS calendar."
    There are also half marathon and 10km events. All three races start on the north side of Hong Kong harbour, near the Kowloon Star Ferry Terminal, and all end at the Shamshuipo Stadium. The marathon includes two turnaround points, one which is at 20km and the highest elevation of 60m, and the other at 33.5km
  • Kevin Brown, of the Women's London Run (GBR), is considering the benefits of AIMS membership for the year 2000 event, which will be the 11th running of the race. The race starts and finishes in Southwark Park (at 18km on the London Marathon route). From 1km-7km the course follows the London Marathon route, until passing over Tower Bridge. Runners then retrace the route to the 9km mark before diverting towards the Southwark Park finish. Current entries are close to 2000.
  • Alison Lages, of the Crestar Richmond Marathon (USA), asks: How can we be listed in your magazine, and how is it distributed? The answer is that races listed in Distance Running are either under the IAAF 'permit' or 'sanction' system, or else they are AIMS members.
  • The Novy Saadski Marathon had earlier made similar enquiries. Their date was listed in a previous issue of Distance Running, but they wanted to know how contact details could also be made available. The IAAF 'permit & sanction' system often seems to operate at one remove from the race orgnisers themselves, being based on an exchange of information with the race's national federation. IMS members, of course, are included in both the calendar and the contact details, and are entitled to one free quarter-page black & white advert per year as well as up to 1000 copies of the magazine (one issue/year)
  • Petur Bjarne Gislasson, of the Lake Myvatn Marathon (ISL), has expressed interest in his race joining AIMS. It consists of a lap around the Lake in the north-central part of Iceland, and also incorporates 10km and 3km events. The race is held during the short Icelandic summer, in late June (23/24 June 2000) and starts just before midnight to take advantage of the Arctic sun.
  • Ivan Degrieck, race director of the Nacht Van Vlaanderen (BEL) writes: I received 'Distance Running' from the Euro-Marthon Echternach (LUX). I wold like to ask about the possibility of advertising our race, held on June 16 2000, in your magazine. The race is an international 100km and includes marathon and 10km events. In the year 2002, under the IAAF flag, we will hold the 100km World Championship.



  • The Seoul International Women's Road Relay will be held on 9 April 2000


AIMS Treasurer Al Boka writes: I have purchased a machine which will allow AIMS to process credit cards for payment of dues and other billings. We will accept VISA and MasterCard. I will amend the payment invoice to reflect this change. Expect to receive the next round of invoices from next month, payable by 1 March 2000 at the latest.



A separate form is enclosed with this Newsletter (to members only) asking for details to be supplied to Road Race Management's Guide to Prize Money Races. This guide is published annually and is a valuable source book for athletes and their agents alike. If your race does offer prize money, then completing the form will make more elite athletes aware of this and perhaps draw them to your race.


Osman Tekin writes: "Further to my message about the earthquake, I have news of Mr Safter Kartoglu whose name I gave as one of the dead in September. He is alive... We had no news of him after the earthquake, and thought he had died - but I ran with him in the 15km event of the Eurasia Marathon on 17 October in a time of 1:20:50.

"There was an article about this in the Hurriyet newspaper (right) on 20 October. Perhaps you can inform the readership of the AIMS Newsletter."

  • Safter Kartoglu was reported in the AIMS September Newsletter (163) as an Adapazare earthquake victim was reborn in the Eurasia Marathon, where he completed 15km in 1:20:50 with Osman Atakan Tekin, AIMS public relations manager for Turkey.
  • Masters runner Safter Kartoglu who has run in London, Stockholm, Rotterdam, Lausanne, Vienna and Eurasia Marathons, said: "I did not die. Thanks be to God I am alive and in future I would like to run marathons in Turkey and abroad, if I have no health problems."


Race secretary Anna Mananedaki writes: Since 1997, when the last marathon took place, our race has been postponed for the last two years. This suspension was due to the decision of our sponsors.
Since then our sponsor, in consultation with our marathon organising committee, has decided that there will not be another marathon. That means that we will not be a member of AIMS anymore.
We would like to congratulate AIMS on the work they are doing for so many years now, and to express our respect to everyone in this association. We are very proud that we were an AIMS member, and this is something we'll never forget. It made us feel that there were no borders and no distances. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
We salute you and wish you even greater successes in the history of AIMS.


The Avon Running US National Championship brought the Avon Global Circuit to a close in Cincinnati on October 31. The 1999 series started back in Sao Paulo on March 7, with 26 10km races and 5km walk/fun runs spread among 12 countries. There were 11 races in the United States, including New York on May 22 (which incorporated the global final to the 1998 circuit) and the Cincinnati race, won by Kelly Keeler.
Keeler, aged 37, who won the national title with a time of 34:53, qualifes for an expenses-paid trip to the second annual global final, to be held in Milan on 21 May 2000. She will be accompanied by second-placed Michelle LaFleur (34:57), third-placed Alisa Harvey (35:01), masters winner Jane Welzel (36:32) and Judy Walls, who won the sales representatives division. Winners from the 12 countries on the global circuit will contest the Milan final, in which prize money of $50,000 will be awarded, making it the richest 10km in the history of women's running.
In celebration of Halloween the Cincinnati event featured a 'Goblin Dash' to inspire children between 7 and 10 to run a mile in a fun atmosphere, with a prize awarded for the best costume.

Sarolta Monspart reports from Budapest that a total of 13,800 women participated in the AVON events held there on October 18. There were 11,400 in the 4km fun run/walk and 2,200 in the 10km run. A special 2km event for those over 60 attracted 200 entrants.


Venicemarathon race director Enrico Jacomini wrote, prior to the race on October 24: The City of Venice has been conducting extensive restoration works along the waterfront area of Le Zattere, an island along the Grand Canal opposite St Mark's Square, on the marathon course. Last year they suspended work one week before the race and resumed two days later - and we had no problem.
This year they were supposed to do the same, but because of work delays and rain they are behind schedule. They have promised to make good our traditional course by race day, but we fear they will not make it. We can introduce an alternative solution on Saturday afternoon (23 Oct) if needed. If we cut across the island and down to the southern tip using the other side, the difference is an increase of 163m We could recover this by shortening the least scenic part of the course, crossing through the town of Mestre. Because of the lack of time, and the remaining hope that things will anyway be resolved by Sunday, it is impossible to have an IAAF/AIMS measurer come to measure the change at such short notice. This can be done after the race, if needed. We intend to remain with the original course in future because these lengthy works should be completed well before our next race on October 22, 2000.
This letter is intended to inform you of the exact terms of the problem, so that you do not first read of it in press reports (see race report in results section).


Further on MOHAMMED ZOUAK, aka MOHAMMED FAHD, who was banned by the IAAF for a drug offence in 1994. He continued to compete in road races in defiance of the drugs ban. Both his names faded from notice after August 1997, but he is now back in circulation - and that's official.

Mariana Plicova, race secretary to the Kosice Peace Marathon, writes: Mr Angeles Lara Aguado from Granada (ESP) sent us an email in March this year asking for information concerning the Kosice Peace Marathon (SVK). After that he offered us the participation of Mr Zouak/Fahd. I remembered the notice and I wrote to Mr Aguado saying that we would not accept this athlete because of his doping problem. After that we received a fax from Dr Gabriel Dolle, of the IAAF Doping Commission, confirming that: "Mr Mohammed Zouak (MAR) is authorised to return to athletic competitions as of 28 September 1999". This was also signed by Istvan Gyulai (IAAF General Secretary). Anyway - we did not take him, he was very expensive.


[From an official press release dated 1 Nov 1999:] The Lasalle Banks Chicago Marathon announced today that it has officially disqualified Said Dogga (FRA) from the results of the October 24 race for failure to complete the entire 26.2 mile course. Dogga had been listed on race day as the ninth finisher based upon visual identification from finish line officials and a final chip time. Marathon officials soon became aware, however, that Dogga did not record chip times on the mats at the 8-mile, halfway or 17-mile points. A subsequent check of video surveillance from three different spots on the course failed to show Dogga in the time frame required for him to have produced his finishing time of 2:11:18. After trying to reach him over the past several days executive race director Carey Pinkowski finally spoke to Dogga (through an interpreter) in France today. When confronted with the assembled facts Mr Dogga was not able to offer an explanation to account for the discrepancies. Additionally, when asked questions about the course itself he displayed a marked unfamiliarity with notable sights on the route. After notifying John R Davis, the event referee and a USATF official, of the decision to disqualify Dogga, Pinkowski sent a certified letter to Dogga informing him of the same. Simon Loppuyet (KEN) becomes the ninth placed finisher and Thabiso Moquali (LES) tenth.


Long-distance runners under sanction from the IAAF are:

  • Uta PIPPIG (GER) 2 year ban from 23 April 1998
  • Naima RHAOUI (MAR) 2 year ban from 5 Sept 1998
  • Brahim MESKAOUI (MAR) 2 year ban from 18 Oct 1998
  • Stephan ROUSSEAU (BEL) 3 months ban from 7 March 1999
  • Cristina COSTEA-BURCA (ROM) life ban from 2 May 1999

Cases pending a hearing: Luis JESUS (POR), suspension from 31 Jan 1999; Mohloli MAHLALA (LES), suspension from 16 June 1999

Public warnings for infringements not involving steroid abuse: Fasil BIZUNEH (USA); Wilma VAN ONNA (NED); Janos IMRE (HUN); Petr KLIMES (CZE); Victor ZHDANOV (RUS).


Turin will be the host city for the 13th World AIMS Congress on 30-31 March 2001


On the second (workshop) day of Congress in Kosice, Mark Milde presented a study done by Professor Wolfgang Maennig of Hamburg University. Notes on this presentation and those on Marathon marketing, Internet developments, Chip timing and expansion of women's participation in running are enclosed with this mailing.


Wim Verhoorn, AIMS Director of Marketing, presented the 'Golden Shoe' award for 1998 to Ronaldo Da Costa in Chicago on October 22 (see cover). Ronaldo won it largely on the strength of his world fastest time in last year's marathon.

That time was improved two days later, in the Lasalle Banks Chicago Marathon, by Khalid Kannouchi (MAR), who must be a prime contender for the 'Golden Shoe' award for 1999. The Board of Directors of AIMS are seeking members' nominations for the award in both mens and womens categories.

Worthy contenders include Simon Chebet (KEN), who recorded wins in two of the calendar's biggest events, the Boston and New York City Marathons, Khalid Kannouchi (MAR) with his win and world fastest time of 2:05:42 in Chicago, and Abel Anton (ESP), who retained his IAAF World Champion title in Seville. On the women's side Tegla Loroupe (KEN) posted an even stronger claim to the title than in her previous (winning) years, by again recording a new world fastest time of 2:20:43 in Berlin, and winning in Rotterdam. She also came third in the World Championship 10,000m, and defended her world hallf marathon title only a week after her Berlin performance. One of the few women to have defeated Tegla over anything further than 10,000m this year is Joyce Chepchumba (KEN) who, like Chebet among the men, won two of the really big city races: London and Chicago. She retained her Chicago title even though she fell at 10 miles. In her build-up to this race she defeated Tegla in the Great North Run (GBR) half marathon. Despite the successes of these two, it was a complete newcomer, Jong Song-ok (PRK) who won the world title in the heat of Seville with a time of 2:26:59.

Please make your own nomination below, or endorse one of the names mentioned:
Fax to: +44 171 928 2700

My nominations for the AIMS/ASICS 'Athlete of the Year' Award, 1999 are:

MEN: ................................................................. WOMEN: ........................................................




There were 545 runners (63 women) in the marathon and 1133 in the half marathon (412 women). Among the 83 foreign runner in the marathon there were 27 countries represented. In the half marathon 73 overseas runners from 13 countries participated. Temperatures varied from 20-25C, and there was a gusty wind.

MEN:		1	William MUSYOKI				KEN		2:20:19
		2	Julius MTIBANI				TAN		2:22:04
		3	Victor ROGOVOY				UKR		2:23:56
		4	Magnus TORGULLA				FIN		2:45:51
		5	Stephan WALTER				HUN		2:46:59
		6	Juha NOUSIAINEN				FIN		2:47:35
		7	Dag NILSSON				SWE		2:52:12
		8	Jean-Louis EZINE			FRA		2:52:23
		9	Vladimir KONOVALOV			RUS		2:56:14
		10	Nail ZABAROV				RUS		2:56:59

WOMEN:		1	Tatiana MIRONOVA			RUS		2:59:56	
		2	Susanna ROMU				FIN		3:03:56
		3	Heidi AESCHLIMANN			SUI		3:20:49
		4	Teija TOIVINEN				FIN		3:30:50
		5	Airi MATIKKA				FIN		3:39:17
		6	Paivi JUSSINMAKI			FIN		3:39:49
		7	Sirpa SIPPEL				FIN		3:44:57
		8	Tarja Tuulikki LEPPANEN			FIN		3:45:05
		9	Eevi NURMI				FIN		3:49:02
		10	Regina LINDENBERG			GER		3:50:52

MEN:		1	Dmitri KAPITANOV			RUS		1:06:03
		2	Alexander KAPITANOV			RUS		1:06:10
		3	Sergei LUKIN				RUS		1:06:12 
WOMEN:		1	Tatiana MASLOVA				RUS		1:16:30
		2	Larissa MALIKOVA			RUS		1:17:47
		3	Jessica BOLGERTH			SWE		1:26:45


Over 6000 entry applications were received, but entries were capped a month before the race at 3,200. 42 countries were represented among the field. The course is of marathon distance but also climbs from the start in Interlaken at 565m to the Kleine Scheidegg, near to the notorious north wall of the Eiger, at 2203m.

MEN:		1	Marco KAMINSKI				SUI		2:54:35
		2	Bekele DINKA				ETH		2:55:33
		3	Simletu ALEMAYEHU			ETH		2:56:23
		4	Vitaly MELTSAYEV			MOL		2:59:15
		5	Leonid TIKONOV				RUS		2:59:20
		6	Petr KADLEC				CZE		3:03:48
		7	Martin VON KANEL			SUI		3:03:59
		8	Igor TYUPIN				RUS		3:05:09
		9	Jean-Michel COULOMB			FRA		3:06:44
		10	Ueli HORISBERGER			SUI		3:08:04

WOMEN:	1	Svetlana NETCHAYEVA				RUS		3:23:38
		2	Evelyne MURA				FRA		3:25:41
		3	Marie-Luce ROMANENS			SUI		3:31:00
		4	Birgit LENNARTZ				GER		3:31:55
		5	Valentina ENAKI				MOL		3:33:25
		6	Maria HEIM				SUI		3:38:11
		7	Ktrin KLASI				SUI		3:39:30
		8	Tadelech BIRA				ETH		3:43:49
		9	Jacqueline KELLER			SUI		3:48:05
		10	Caroline REIBER				SUI		3:49:30	



There were 770 entrants from nine countries making this the largest road race in Poland. Next year the race will become a half marathon and incorporate the Polish Half Marathon Championships.

MEN:		1	Dariusz KRUCZKOWSKI			POL		45:07
		2	Piotr DRWAL				POL		45:08
		3	Grzegorz GAJDUS				POL		45:20
		4	Leszek BEBLO				POL		45:30
		5	Waldemar GLINKA				POL		45:34
		6	Piotr POBLOCKI				POL		45:37
		7	Andrzej NOWAK				POL		45:41
		8	Krzysztof PRZYBYLA			POL		45:42
		9	Adam DOBRZYNSKI				POL		45:54
		10	Vladimir KOTOV				BLR		46:07

WOMEN:		1	Malgorzata SOBANSKA			POL		51:30
		2	Natalia GALUSHKO			POL		51:39
		3	Elena MAZOVKA				BLR		52:14
		4	Dorota GRUCA				POL		52:22
		5	Renata PARADOWSKA			POL		52:34
		6	Karina WISNIEWSKA			POL		53:08
		7	Krystyna PIECZULIS			POL		53:19
		8	Krystyna KUTA				POL		53:45
		9	Danuta PIETRUSZYNSKA			POL		58:59
		10	Mariola PALUSZKIEWICZ			POL 		1:08:08



MEN:		1	Jose CASTILLO				PER		1:02:55	
		2	Silvio GUERRA				ECU		1:03:23
		3	Joao NTYAMBO				ANO		1:04:05
		4	Diego COLORADO				COL		1:04:20
		5	Julio VALLE				MEX		1:04:36
		6	Thomas OSANO				KEN		1:04:47
		7	Andres ESPINOZA				MEX		1:05:15
		8	Carlos GRISALES				COL		1:05:33
		9	Jose MOLINA				CRC		1:05:35
		10	William PENA				COL		1:05:46

WOMEN:		1	Lidia GRIGORYEVA			RUS		1:11:39	
		2	Delilah ASIAGO				KEN		1:11:55
		3	Miriam PULIDO				COL		1:16:16
		4	Iglandina GONZALEZ			COL		1:17:18
		5	Yolanda QUIMBITA			COL		1:18:16
		6	Esneda LONDONO				COL		1:19:29
		7	Salina CHIRCHIR				KEN		1:22:14
		8	Rosanita IBARRA				COL		1:22:14
		9	Monica TANGARIFE			COL		1:23:55
		10	Maria Isabel TRUJILLO			COL		1:24:40



Former European 5000m silver medallist Gary Staines finished his first marathon for two years, overhauling longtime race leader Dave Robertson at 22 miles after being two minutes behind at halfway. Local runner and two-time winner of this race, Eamonn Hyland, had been a minute behind Staines at halfway (73 minutes to Staines' 72). He was forced to stop at 19 miles with a stitch but still managed to overtake the rapidly fading Robertson less than a mile from the finish.
The surprise local women's winner was running only her second road race in four years. She first competed in a half marthon four years ago, running 1:24:12, and earlier this year she ran 28 minutes for 5 miles. She trains 16km every day, all on a treadmill, and said "I knew from the way I've been running on the treadmill that I could run under three hours. It's easier to run on the roads because you don't have to stick to the set speed. I enjoyed this distance, so I may try another."
There were over 8400 runners from over 20 countries in both races.

MEN:		1	Gary STAINES				GBR		2:27:25	
		2	Eamonn HYLAND				GBR		2:30:27
		3	David ROBERTSON				GBR		2:30:55
		4	S BONCLER				GBR		2:35:00
		5	M FEIGHAN				GBR		2:36:44
		6	P DOBSON				GBR		2:37:00
		7	P LARSEN				DEN		2:38:38
		8	K HAWKER				GBR		2:38:58
		9	G JAKOBSEN				DEN		2:44:21
		10	S PULLAN				GBR		2:45:14

WOMEN:		1	Mandy SPINK				GBR		2:52:31	
		2	L DAY 					GBR		3:04:01
		3	L NUTT					GBR		3:05:53
		4	Eleanor ROBINSON			GBR		3:06:29
		5	A BILLINGS				GBR		3:11:08

MEN:		1	Malcolm PRICE				GBR		1:06:12
		2	Ian PIERCE				GBR		1:06:30
		3	Stuart HALL				GBR		1:06:55
WOMEN:		1	Beth ALLOTT				GBR		1:14:38
		2	Sandra EDWARDS				GBR		1:17:41
		3	Claire NAYLOR				GBR		1:18:30


More than 1500 runners from 25 countries, including 196 foreign runners, started the 75th anniversary Kosice Peace Marathon. Unusually warm weather (24C) affected all performances, but perhaps least so for the wheelchair racers who recorded the best times in the 10-year long history of their participation in Kosice.
A lead group quickly took command of the men's race as Krzyscin and Echchadli, winners of the last two editions of the KPM, local favourite Robert Stefko and Belgian Ronny Ligneel took turns to set the pace. At 30km Stefko and Ligneel pulled away and 5km from the finish Stefko, Kosice's favourite son, delighted the watching crowds by taking a decisive lead. Stefko thought the warm conditions may have slowed times by two minutes.

Slovakia's Katarina Jedinakova, a 100km specialist, took full advantage of the absence of invited Polish women to clinch a double home victory.

Delegates from the 12th World Congress of AIMS, held over the preceding two days, tested themselves in additional races: Mark Milde (Berlin) and Allan Steinfeld (New York) ran the 4.2km minimarathon while Al Boka (Las Vegas), Thomas Enstrom (Stockholm) and Hugh Jones (Secretary) completed the half marathon

MEN:		1	Robert STEFKO				SVK		2:14:10
		2	Ronny LIGNEEL				BEL		2:15:54
		3	My Tahr ECHCHADLI			MAR		2:16:18
		4	Nikolai ANTONENKO			UKR		2:18:14
		5	Andrzej KRZYSCIN			POL		2:22:06
		6	Vaclav ZUPA				SVK		2:24:11
		7	Andrej GLADYSEV				UKR		2:27:44
		8	Orest BABJAK				UKR		2:29:02
		9	Grigorij PLASTININ			UKR		2:33:31
		10	Stefan RACZ				SVK		2:34:25

WOMEN:		1	Katarina JEDINAKOVA			SVK		2:55:39
		2	Maria KURIACKOVA			SVK		2:55:56
		3	Conny KRONENBERG			GER		3:13:55
		4	Zlatica ZEMANOVA			SVK		3:15:57
		5	Alzbeta TISZOVA				SVK		3:18:11
		6	Danica BOZOVA				SVK		3:20:46


Eight countries were represented among 139 finishers in the marathon. There was also a 14,300m event.

MEN:		1	Alexei BELOSLUDEV			RUS		2:21:25
		2	Marton LAJTOS				HUN		2:22:57
		3	Janos SZEMAN				HUN		2:26:37
		4	Alexander BURCAILO			UKR		2:29:22
		5	Alexander CHERNENKO			RUS		2:30:22
		6	Ivica SKOPAC				CRO		2:31:28
		7	Janos ZABARI				HUN		2:31:54
		8	Tibor NEMES-NAGY			HUN		2:38:20
		9	Ruslan SUHODOLSCHI			MOL		2:41:58
		10	Kresimir COLIC				CRO		2:42:04

WOMEN:		1	Svetlana SHEPELEVA			MOL		2:42:36
		2	Anika ZINKO				SLO		2:44:03
		3	Ida KOVACS				HUN		2:53:29
		4	Timea SZIGA				HUN		2:58:03
		5	Slavica BRCIC				CRO		2:59:36
		6	Marija TROSIC				HUN		3:20:55	
		7	Marija PAULUS				CRO		3:25:36
		8	Dunja KRAVOS				CRO		3:33:45
		9	Lidija VRECAR				CRO		3:41:02


The Istanbul Eurasia Marathon, the only marathon in the world which connects two continents, was run again on 17 October despite the devastation from the earthquake only two months earlier. In 1996 proceeds were donated to children in Bosnia, in 1997 to a 'green Istanbul', in 1998 to homeless children and this year to survivors of the Marmara earthquake.

MEN:		1	Moges TAYE				ETH		2:13:55
		2	Stephen LANGAT				KEN		2:14:21
		3	William KOECH				KEN		2:14:34
		4	Julius MTIBANI				TAN		2:14:49
		5	Tena NEGERE				ETH		2:18:13
		6	Anatoly ARCHAKOV			RUS		2:18:14
		7	Michael MUKOMA				KEN		2:21:07
		8	Isaac CHEMOBO				KEN		2:21:33
		9	John CHERYOUT				KEN		2:21:48
		10	Gazi ASIKOGLU				TUR		2:25:04 (148 finished)

WOMEN:		1	Florina PANA				ROM		2:35:54	
		2	Adriana BARBU				ROM		2:35:57
		3	Natalia GALUSHKA			BLR		2:36:13
		4	Irina PERMITINA				RUS		2:38:12
		5	Serap AKTAS				TUR		2:39:01
		6	Olga SOKOLOVA				RUS		2:46:10
		7	Irina SKLYARENKO			UKR		2:47:58
		8	Mihaela ISTRATE				ROM		2:54:20
		9	Bakiye DURAN				TUR		3:11:46
		10	Galina GORDIEVA				RUS		3:30:15 (12 finished)

15km	MEN:	1	Benjamin ITOK				KEN		44:38
		2	Abdelkadir TURK				TUR		45:14
		3	Satilmis ATMACA				TUR		46:04 (197 finished)
        WOMEN:	1	Mihaela BOETZAN				ROM		50:12
		2	Nuray SUREKLI				TUR		52:09
		3	Elvan CAN				TUR		53:08 (21 finishe


[From the official press release, 24 October 1999:] Khalid Kannouchi (MAR) set a new mens' world best at today's Lasalle Banks Chicago Marathon with a time of 2:05:4, breaking the old mark set by Ronaldo da Costa (BRA) at the 1998 Berlin Marathon by 23 seconds.
Under sunny skies and cool temperatures Kannouchi, a Moroccan based in Ossining, NY - who hopes to become an American citizen and run for the US in the 2000 Olympics, caught leader Moses Tanui of Kenya with less than two miles to go and then surged to victory. Tanui finished second in 2:06:16 for the third fastest marathon time ever, with 1998 winner Ondoro Osoro third in 2:08:00. American David Morris finished 4th in an American record time of 2:09:32, eclipsing Jerry Lawson's 2:09:35 set in Chicago in 1997 [Note: Alberto Salazar ran an 'unvalidated' 2:09:21 in the 1983 Fukuoka Marathon].
In the women's race defending champion Joyce Chepchumba (KEN) recovered from tripping and falling at mile 10 to win in a photo finish with marathon debutante Maragret Okayo. She ran 2:25:59 to Okayo's 2:26:00. America's Libby Hickman ran 2:28:34 to become the ninth fastest American woman ever and fastest since Christine McNamara's 2:28:18 in April 1997.
Kannouchi earned $65,000 for first, $100,000 for the world best and a 2000 VW New Beetle. Chepchumba won $65,000 and a $15,000 time bonus for sub-2:26. The marathon awarded $699,000 in prize and time bonus money, the highest for any marathon: highest ever for men ($468,000) and fourth highest for women ($268,000). A record 29,256 people registered and 24,621 finished, 20% up on 1998.

MEN:		1	Khalid KANNOUCHI			MAR		2:05:42 (world best)	
		2	Moses TANUI				KEN		2:06:16 (Kenyan best)
		3	Ondoro OSORO				KEN		2:08:00
		4	David MORRIS				USA		2:09:32 (USA best)
		5	Simon BOR				KEN		2:09:35
		6	Eder Moreno FILHO			BRA		2:09:36
		7	Joseph KAHUGU				KEN		2:09:37
		8	James KARIUKI				KEN		2:11:14
		9	Simon LOPPUYET				KEN		2:11:44
		10	Thabiso MOQUALI				LES		2:12:16

WOMEN:		1	Joyce CHEPCHUMBA			KEN		2:25:59
		2	Margaret OKAYO				KEN		2:26:00
		3	Elana MEYER				RSA		2:27:17
		4	Colleen DeREUCK				RSA		2:27:30
		5	Irina BOGACHEVA				KYR		2:27:46 (Kyrghiz best)
		6	Libbie HICKMAN				USA		2:28:34
		7	Marian SUTTON				GBR		2:28:42
		8	Renate PARADOWSKA			POL		2:31:59
		9	Albina GALYAMOVA			RUS		2:32:24
		10	Kristy JOHNSON				USA		2:32:34



There were 5,300 runners (4700 men, 600 women) in the 14th Venicemarathon. There were 1,238 foreign runners from 44 countries who enjoyed good conditions of 15C temperatures and 60% humidity. Total prize money of $94,300 was awarded
For the second time victory went to a Kenyan runner. Julius Bitok breasted the tape in 2:10:34. Marco Barbi, in third place with 2:11:23, becomes the Italian Marathon champion for 1999. The women's Italian Marathon championship, as well as the race win and a new course record, went to Sonia Maccioni with a time of 2:28:54

MEN:		1	Julius BITOK				KEN		2:10:34
		2	Mark SAINA				KEN		2:10:44
		3	Roberto BARBI				ITA		2:11:23
		4	John BUNGEI				KEN		2:11:35
		5	Migidio BOURIFA				ITA		2:11:37
		6	Ottavio ANDRIANI			ITA		2:11:42
		7	Salvatore BETTIOL			ITA		2:12:38
		8	Hillary KORIR KIPKOSGEI			KEN		2:13:24
		9	Eduardo ROMANO				ITA		2:13:30
		10	Saloah NGADI LABOA			TAN		2:13:38

WOMEN:		1	Sonia MACCIONI				ITA		2:28:54
		2	Gadissa EDATO				ETH		2:29:57
		3	Bruna GENOVESE				ITA		2:31:06
		4	Lucia SUBANO				KEN		2:31:50
		5	Sara FERRARI				ITA		2:35:22
		6	Barbara CIMMARUSTI			ITA		2:43:20
		7	Galina KARNATSEVICH			BLR		2:47:45
		8	Katia MERATI				ITA		2:52:36
		9	Frederica GOGELE			ITA		2:54:15
		10	Argenide FAVARO				ITA		2:55:30



Two-time winner John Kagwe could not cover a strong break made by Domingos Castro as a big lead group cam into Central Park 5km from the finish. Chebet weathered Casto's victory bid and then kicked strongly for home, his last mile being his fastest. Adrianna Fernandez, in only her third marathon, recorded the second fastest-ever time on the New York course.

MEN:		1	Joseph CHEBET				KEN		2:09:14
		2	Domingos CASTRO				POR		2:09:20
		3	Simon KORARIA				KEN		2:09:32
		4	Giacomo LEONE				ITA		2:09:36
		5	John KAGWE				KEN		2:09:39
		6	Elijah LAGAT				KEN		2:09:59
		7	Abdelkader EL MOUAZIZ			MAR		2:10:28
		8	Simon BIWOTT				KEN		2:11:25
		9	Martin FIZ				ESP		2:12:03
		10	Silvio GUERRA				ECU		2:13:24

WOMEN:		1	Adriana FERNANDEZ				MEX		2:25:05
		2	Catherine NDEREBA			KEN		2:27:34
		3	Katrin DORRE-HEINIG			GER		2:28:41
		4	Franca FIACCIONI			ITA		2:29:49
		5	Irina TIMOFEYEVNA			RUS		2:31:21
		6	Anuta CATUNA				ROM		2:32:05
		7	Alina TECUTA-GHERASIM			ROM		2:36:23
		8	Maria NARLOCH				BRA		2:37:13
		9	Margaret KAGIRI				KEN		2:38:10
		10	Z WIECIORKOWSKA				POL		2:43:24

No.165, November 1999